Welcome to Population welfare Department Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
While recognizing the need to reduce unwanted fertility, Population Welfare department is providing Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services to married couples through static and out-reach services in the province. The department mainly focuses on birth spacing & mother and…....
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Syed Ahmed Hussain Shah (Special Assistant to Chief Minister)
Ensuring access to Family Planning and Reproductive Health Services is one of the priorities of the Provincial Government. Population Welfare Department, being one of the key stakeholders is entrusted with fulfilling this mandate of the government through a ne... View Details
Mr. Asghar Ali (Secretary)
At the time of independence, the population of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa was only 4.5 million. According to 2017 Census, the population has increased to 35.525 million, therefore in roughly two generations, population of the province has increased by 31 million, whic... View Details


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Name / Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Asghar Ali | Secretary 091-9211535 secretarypwdkp@gmail.com
Tila Muhammad | PS to Secretary 091-9211535 tmkhan6965@gmail.com
Nasir Khan | Additional Secretary 091-9223619
Muhammad Ayaz Khan | Deputy Secretary (Admn) 091-9223621 msabirkhan1976@gmail.com
Rahim Gul | S.O (Estb) 091-9223623
Saboor Khan | S.O (B) 091-9223623
Fazal Nabi Khan | Director General 091-9219052
Sharifullh | PS to DG 091-9219052 sharifullahpwd@gmail.com
Ayesha Ihsan | Add: Director General 091-9219041 adgpwdkp@gmail.com
Zaristan Khan | PA to ADG 091-9219041 zaristan100@gmail.com
Principal RTI (Peshawar) 091-9217105 rti_peshawar@yahoo.com
Mohammad Wali | Director (PME) 091-9219062 pmepwd@gmail.com
Muhammad Israil | PS to Director (PME) 091-9219062 pmepwd@gmail.com
Principal RTI (Abbottabad) 0992-9310223 rtiabbottabad@gmail.com
Hidayat Khan | Director (A&P) 091-9219048 hidayatkhan77@yahoo.com
Principal RTI (Malakand) 0932-450277
Mehmood ul Hassan | PA to Director (A&P) 091-9219048 mehmoodpwd@gmail.com
Dr. Naila Murrum Wazir | Director Technical 091-9219060 nailamurramwazir@gmail.com
Principal PWTI 091-9219030 pwtipeshawar@gmail.com
Israr Khan | PA to Director Technical 091-9219060 muhammadisrarkhan74@gmail.com
Project Director (Innovative Scheme) 091-9219031 ispwkp@gmail.com
Dr. Farina Basit | Deputy Director (Medical) 091-9219523 farina.faisal@yahoo.com
Dr. Syed Khadim Ali Shah Gillani | Deputy Director (M&E) 091-9219006 mandepw@gmail.com
Janat Gul | Deputy Director (PC&T) 091-9219059 pmepwd@gmail.com
Kashif Khan | Deputy Director (C&Ls;) 091-9219035 kashifpwd@gmail.com
Siddiq-ur-Rehman | Deputy Director (Admn) 091-9219035
Ayaz Mehmood Abasi | Deputy Director (FWC) 091-9219071 legenaryabulhuda@gmail.com
Kosar Jabeen | Demographer 091-9219523 kosar_jabeen@yahoo.com
Amin Khan | Account Officer 091-9219057 amin22442@gmail.com
Anam zaib | Assistant Director (HR) 091-9219057 amin22442@gmail.com
Ruby Hashim | Assistant Director (RH) 091-9219057 anamzaib88.az@gmail.com
Sana Kainat Asif | Assistant Director (Research) 091-9219057 sanakainat455@gmail.com
Junaid Khokhar | Assistant Director (C&Ls;) 091-9219104 junaidkhokar93@gmail.com
Muhammad Ashfaq | Assistant Director (FWC) 091-9219071
Abdul Salam | Assistant Director (Admn) 091-9219056
Fawad Khan | Assistant Director (PC&T) 091-9219062 pmepwd@gmail.com
Tariq Afridi | Assistant Director (M&E) 091-9219006 Tariqad2002@gmail.com
Ahmad Yar Khan | Assistant Director (litigation) 091-9219056
Mian Saeed Akbar | Web Administrator 091-3025550
Abidullah Burki | Database Administrator 091-3025550 abidullahburki@gmail.com
Muhib Ullah | Network Administrator 091-3025550
Syed Imran Shah | Project Director (Innovative Scheme) 091-9219031 ispwkp@gmail.com
Ghulam Farid | PD (UNFPA) 091-9219031 faridmarwat77@yahoo.com
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